5 CT DiamondExcel Men's Ring

5 CT DiamondExcel Men's Ring

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These breakthrough new pieces, known as DiamondExcel, have proven to be extremely beautiful with better quality, clarity and radiance than other Diamond alternatives in the jewelry market today. 

They utilize a revolutionary cutting system that gives the DiamondExcel the clarity and beauty that expensive mined Diamonds just do not have. 

Even if a genuine Diamond is perfect in color, cut and clarity, which is extremely rare, it still only contains 58 facets. 

However, with the new technology developed for the DiamondExcel, you get an amazing 106 facets, giving you the ultimate sparkle, fire, radiance and beauty in one revolutionary piece.

These pieces are mounted in the finest genuine 14Kt. Gold overlay. So if you are looking for a ring in a breathtaking FULL 5.0 carat weight, you will experience the best jewelry of your life with the DiamondExcel jewelry.