You have been authorized to 

get these 3 Big Jewelry Awards

You get 3 FREE Genuine Precious Gemstones 

with Genuine Diamonds; You get 

$2,500.00 in a Special Discount Account


   The Lindenwold Fine Jewelers’ board of directors has authorized a 90-day New Customer Award Program. If you become a new Lindenwold customer now, you will get 3 Valuable Awards worth over $8,000.00.

   Your Award 1 is you will receive up to 3 free Genuine Precious Gems with Genuine Diamonds. Your Award 2 is $2,500.00 in your Extra Discount Account. Your Award 3 is you will be entered in a very limited entry drawing where you could win a $5,000.00 one carat Genuine Diamond in your choice of mounting.

   Lindenwold Fine Jewelers® has been in business for over 40 years offering the lowest jewelry prices in the nation.It offers customers the exact same high quality jewelry that is offered by the big jewelry chains such as Kay’s, Zales, Jared, and department stores. But, you can get this exact same quality jewelry at prices far below these big jewelry chains. Here is why.

   Lindenwold’s World Headquarter sand Manufacturing and Distribution Center is located in Canton, Ohio, the Pro Football Hall of Fame city, in a low-rent industrial park. The big jewelry chain stores are located in high rent districts with expensive interior décors and with large sales commissions paid to their sales clerks. You pay a large extra cost to cover these expenses. Lindenwold’s has none of these large overhead expenses.With these large jewelry chains, you will pay a large amount of extra money for the same exact quality jewelry to cover their large overhead expenses.

   Lindenwold’s ships jewelry direct to you without these large overhead expenses.This is why you can get this exact same high quality jewelry at much less cost than from these large jewelry chains.

   For your New Customer Award 1, you will get 3 Genuine Precious Gemstones with Genuine Diamonds. They are 1)Blue Topaz, 2) Amethyst and 3) Garnet.These are hot selling, popular gemstones.You need only to cover the small cost of your choice of mounting. You can claim 1, 2 or 3 Genuine Precious Gems with your choice of Solid Sterling Silver mounting. These jewelry items also make great gifts. The estimated retail value of these 3 jewelry pieces is over $900.00.

   Lindenword’s Chief Jeweler, David Carrington said, “This Award Program is about getting new jewelry customers who will appreciate our much lower prices.We charge this small amount for the mounting so we appeal to people who are interested in jewelry instead of people who just want freebies.”

   For your New Customer Award 2, you will have $2,500.00 put into your New Customer EXTRA Discount Account. With your EXTRA Discount money you will be able to get high quality Genuine Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald jewelry at an extra large discount. The money in this account is like real money. Lindenwold’s regular customers get jewelry at a large discount. But, for you, each jewelry item will carry Extra Discount Dollar Allowances. You will get this Extra Discount and get jewelry at below the regular large Lindenwold discount prices that no other regular customer will get. Many of these Extra Discount Allowances will be over $500.00 and some as high as $1,500.00.

   Your New Customer Award 3, Lindenwold’s New Customer Award Program Drawing, will be limited to only entries over the 90-Day New Customer Award Program lifespan. You can enter to win a $5,000.00 one carat Genuine Round Brilliant Diamond with your choice of mounting. Your odds of winning this drawing with the small, limited number of entries will be 10,000 times better than typical sweepstakes.

   Your 3 Awards you can claim right now: 1: Up to 3 Genuine Precious Gemstones with Genuine Diamonds, which you will get free. You only need to cover the small cost of your Solid Sterling Silver Mounting. 2: Get $2,500.00 put into your New Customer EXTRA Discount Account to use toward your mountings. 3: Enter to win a $5,000.00 one carat Diamond in your choice of mounting. 

                             Your online transactions with Lindenwold are safe.