Lindenwold Vault Box

Lindenwold Vault Box

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Over 12 billion items of brand new merchandise go through the doors of our Maximum Security Vault Facility annually. And now you can take your share of unclaimed merchandise found in these Vault Boxes. 

We are clearing out the Vault Boxes in the Maximum Security Vault to make room for new collections and gemstones. The entire vault release of priceless merchandise including beautiful jewelry and priceless keepsakes has now been deemed eligible for distribution to Lindenwold customers. 

Vault Box Sizes: 
Small Vault Box #147 = $19 
Medium Vault Box #258 = $29 
Large Vault Box #369 = $79 

Plus when choosing any Vault Box, you are authorized to get the Premium Gold Key Vault Box #001 (retails at $19) for only $7. 

PLEASE NOTE: Some of this unclaimed merchandise even contains genuine gemstones such as rubies and diamonds.